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I have been on the SICA-USA Board since November 2018 and Chair since November 2020. In that time I have witnessed great potential for the cultural wing of Subud, have gone through a bit of a purification (as with every Subud position) have seen the board grow into a dynamic, harmonious and creative team and now present to you our first SICA-USA Fund Drive. We’re asking for SICA-USA supporters to make an annual contribution of $100 a year and seek 200 such supporters in 2021: We have raised 9.71% of our goal, so your contribution today is very helpful.

We launched our fund drive softly with a truly touching post by Past Chair Hamilton Cheifetz. Hamilton and I got along the moment we met, perhaps both being born and raised in Chicago and knowing how to properly pronounce Da Bears. I am grateful he kept SICA-USA happening during some fallow years and that he saw in me the potential to lead this Wing. Thank you Brother.

We had another wonderful “soft” ask by Lawrence Pevec, who related his experience with ancestors from a Subud (& recovering Catholic) perspective: Lawrence is also responsible for the ongoing Cultural Conversation which we believe is urgent at this time in Subud history and we plan to roll out an in-person experiential component when we are allowed to safely meet again, which we expect will be an incredibly joyous occasion and an opportunity for new life in SICA-USA and Subud in general.

We have seen regular posts on our blog for every week but one for over two years and have seen the web statistics explode, reflecting the new energy of new board members, Lawrence Pevec, Ralph Davila, Lauren Stanley, Susannah Rosenthal and Sanderson Morgan. Expect some beautiful posts from these folks in the coming weeks. After averaging 43 hits a day in 2019 and 44 hits a day in 2020, in March 2021 (at this writing) we are averaging 101 hits a day!

We’ve done some remarkable organizational development work, thanks in large part to Acting Treasurer Ralph Davila, and have submitted a 990, a financial report (with the generous assistance of Lewis Olds) and have Board Liability insurance. We have big plans to continue the organizational development of SICA-USA and give thanks to all of our Subud Brothers and Sisters who tended SICA-USA in years past and did very important work, including Muhammad Isman Kanafsky, Lorraine Tedrow, Latifah Taormina, Camille Hofvendahl and others. Thank you.

Please consider becoming a supporter today. Soon we’ll begin thanking folks who have already chipped in. It costs $17 a month to subscribe to the digital New York Times. We’re asking $8.33 and we think that’s a good deal. Support us (CLICK HERE) and watch how we:

  • Give grants to support Subud Artists like Patrick Morgan and Emmanuel Williams (in 2021 so far!);
  • Develop & Support Entertainment at National and Regional Congresses;
  • Assist in the development of members projects, coordinating training opportunities;
  • Plan SICA conferences;
  • Send SICA-USA Board Members to National, Regional and World Congresses;
  • Innovate & help create a vibrant Subud culture that helps Subud evolve and
  • Continue to tell the remarkable stories of creatives in Subud.

With gratitude and humility,

Paul E Nelson

Paul E Nelson

Paul E Nelson (photo by by Philip Brautigam)


SICA-USA 2021 Fund Drive


  1. This format/layout is anbig improvement over the one with domineering type, no pix and the same lone length throughout. It’s welcoming!

  2. nicely done newsletter update!
    relevant topics, well written and displayed


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