Thank you for your willingness to support SICA-USA with an annual $100 contribution. We are undertaking our first fundraiser (perhaps the first in SICA-USA history) and your contribution is tax-deductible. (IRS EIN # 46-1296714)

In the last six months there has been a significant board expansion and development of a deep and harmonious working style. We have also developed a new and deep transparency. (See our 2020 annual report and 990 filing here.) We have exciting plans to continue our weekly blogging (which has happened for over two years!) and EXPAND the number of bloggers, as well as establish a Cultural Conversation throughout Subud, which we’re thrilled about. More news about that coming soon via our blog:

Other areas funds will go:

  • Grants to support Subud Artists;
  • To Develop & Support Entertainment at National and Regional Congresses;
  • Assisting in the development of members projects, coordinating training opportunities;
  • Planning SICA conferences;
  • Sending SICA-USA Board Members to National, Regional and World Congresses;
  • Innovate & help create a vibrant Subud culture that helps Subud evolve;
  • Continue to tell the remarkable stories of creatives in Subud.

Please let us know if you are ok with public acknowledgement of your support and please forward this link to anyone who values the effort to sustain and expand the rich culture that has always been part of the Subud experience.

Yours in Subud with Gratitude,

Paul E Nelson