SICA USA Mission Statement

SICA USA fosters true human culture for and from all of mankind in all manner of human endeavor, focusing on local culture in a global community.

SICA USA Vision Statement

SICA USA contributes to the local, regional and global communities by:

  • Helping to fund directly, or in an advisory capacity, long-term cultural projects.
  • Fostering developing talent with an apprenticeship/mentorship program.
  • Developing cultural projects that benefit local, regional, global communities.
  • Advising and lending expertise to small and large cultural projects, from the idea stage, to planning, to implementation, through the life of the project as a SICA USA undertaking.
  • Networking “culture-creators” as a way of reinforcing, encouraging, and assisting one another, and creating global understanding in the local community and local understanding in the global community.
  • Providing and sharing information about obtaining grants.
  • Nurturing and promoting the expression of artistry and creativity, of all kinds, that has the power to inspire and heal.