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Through your gracious contributions, we have the opportunity to facilitate project grants, enabling the creation of new artistic works, cultural events, and the promotion of SICA-USA awareness within the Subud Community. Your support plays a crucial role in our ongoing mission to tell the remarkable stories of Subud Creatives, ensuring their voices are heard and their talents celebrated.

Reflecting on 2023…

2023 SICA-USA Project Grant Highlights:


Jim O'Halloran's Jazz & Poetry Festival

SICA-USA provided a SICA Project Grant to support Jim O’Halloran’s Jazz & Poetry Festival performed at Bradner Gardens in Seattle on August 12.  Read more here

Poetry Postcard Fest logo

Poetry Postcard Fest

SICA-USA provided a SICA Project Grant to support Paul Nelson’s Poetry Postcard Fest that played out nationwide from June – September 2023. You can read more here.

Fall 2023 SICA USA Auction

2023 Continued Reflections

Online Art Auction

Our first Annual Online Art Auction launched in Spring 2023, and revived in Fall 2023. Our purpose was twofold: to create an engaging fundraising event, while exposing Subud USA to the amazing pantheon of cultural artists thriving within our borders. A total of 40 artists contributed over 100 creations to the Spring and Fall Auctions!

Newsletter Blog

The newsletter blog highlighted 29 colorful articles featuring Subud USA cultural artists in action, including book reviews, memoirs, memorials, plus prayers, and Poems for Peace.

Permanent Online Gallery

The Online Art Auction has morphed into a permanent Gallery embedded into the SICA website so that public awareness of Subud Culture can continue to flourish.

Congress Attendance

SICA-USA Board Members attended National and Regional Congresses.

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SICA-USA, the Subud International Cultural Association, is the cultural wing of SUBUD USA.


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