The Elderberry Project was born, and as of 2014 is a SUBUD USA affiliate under their 501(c)(3)
and a Susila Dharma project as well.

The officers so far are Mardiyah Tarantino, Founder, David McCormack, Interim Chair, Rosetta Narvaez, Treasurer. Board Members: Rohana Broadnax, Liliana Williams, and Maia Chisholm; Midwest, California and East Coast Regions, respectively. Volunteers from all these regions, groups and centers are working hard to bring the Subud Latihan to the Elder Pioneers ‘sprinkled’ across the United States.

Our main concern is to discover all the elderly members with whom we have somehow lost touch, as well as those with whom we are in touch, and to enter their particulars in our data base. This, obviously, will be an on-going task. We will rely heavily on the Regional Chairs for their input, and their contacts with the Volunteers, many of whom wish to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, there is a small stipend from SDUSA to reimburse these Volunteers for unusual expenses such as gas to drive to congresses, time spent on researching care facilities existing in their elders’ vicinity, and other matters, without their taking on the care giver role.

We are still in need of Board members from the South, one more from the southern East Coast, and one from the Rocky Mountains Region.

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Bapak’s Talk To The Elderly

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SICA-USA, the Subud International Cultural Association is the Cultural wing of SUBUD USA.

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