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by | Dec 12, 2022 | 13 comments

After teaching for 45 years at Portland State University, I am very pleased to report that an anonymous donor has given $60,000 to establish the Hamilton Cheifetz Endowed Scholarship which will be used to recruit and support talented string students. We just received another $30,000 gift, and these funds are enormously helpful to us in our mission of building and maintaining a dynamic string program at my university. Student chamber ensembles have continued to play at assisted living facilities in and around Portland, and we are waiting for a green light from the local prisons so that we can bring beautiful music to the residents of those institutions, as we have done in recent years. Outside visitors are still not allowed because of Covid issues, but I am hopeful that we will go there in the near future. Those visits have been life changing for our students and for me personally.
Also, three weeks ago I was given a beautiful French cello made in Paris in 1760, and I have been getting acquainted with it with great pleasure. Life is full of surprises and miracles.



  1. That’s outstanding, Hamilton! What great news.

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishments, your new/old cello and your moving playing. Warmest greetings.

  3. That’s such Good News!
    I fully support Music Education.


  4. Sounds beautiful on all counts Hamilton. Blessings.

  5. Congratulations, Hamilton! This is BIG news. As we say, en francais, MAZELTOV!

  6. As a resident in AssistedLiving, still spry but feeling imprisoned, I fully appreciate the outreach of your artistry.

  7. Congratulations on the “new”
    Cello!! And also your retirement.

  8. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful news Hamilton.
    My mom used to dance at senior centers and assisted living homes and loved and got so much out of it.
    The French cello looks and sounds so very beautiful! : )

  9. Great sounding and wonderful news✨🙏✨

  10. Congratulations on your achievements! When do we hear the Goucho piece on the new cello?

  11. Fantastic news, Hamilton! Lovely resonant cello! Must be a thrill for you! You have a great legacy already! Congratulations on the endowed scholarship! How special!

  12. It is so wonderful to see and hear you play on your venerable cello and lovely to know what you and your students are doing. I so hope you’ll be able to play for imprisoned people soon. That will be such another blessing.

  13. Wow wonderful news. I get overwhelmed with your accomplishments & how you’re spreading your music around. Making the world a better place for everyone is not an easy task these days. Your talent & perseverance is showing it can done. Beautiful sounding Cello, thank you.


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