Amani Center Acquisition of Damon Hyldreth Sculpture by Matthew Clark

Mar 29, 2024 | 2 comments

Damanhuri Alkaitis Memorial

A Joint Subud USA and SICA-USA Project

Subud USA and SICA are jointly sponsoring the Amani Center’s acquisition of a significant metal sculpture by Damon Hyldreth, a Subud artist who has become globally recognized for his striking outdoor art. The Amani-Twin Oaks campus houses a major Latihan Hall, the WSA-Subud USA Archives, and operates as a profitable ‘Centerprise’. The sculpture will be permanently mounted next to the front entrance of the Center. The striking golden-orange color of the sculpture along with its blue-tiled base will serve as a beautiful symbol of Subud and will feature a plaque acknowledging Damanhuri Alkaitis, who recently passed away, as the main force and inspiration behind the creation of the Center.

The Amani Center will hold an Unveiling Ceremony in late April/early May 2024, with plans to invite Subud and non-Subud people, including City of Beltsville and University of Maryland dignitaries, and the Superintendent of Schools (the school across the street uses Amani Center’s parking lot twice a day), together with Subud members, neighbors, family and friends. The event will include an Open House, so the occasion will present a unique chance to foster goodwill and raise awareness of Subud and Amani as a space for civic and community events.

Damanhuri Daniel Alkaitis passed on Feb 3rd, 2024 at the age of 79. Arriving from Lithuania, Damanhuri received a PhD in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University, and his Board Certification in Neurology. In his professional medical life, he was known for the time, undivided attention, and personalized care he gave his patients. A natural problem solver and brilliant diagnostician, Damanhuri always sought to find the sources of people’s ailments and the correct treatment.

Damanhuri was dedicated to his relationship with God, which guided all else. As a National and International Helper, he traveled across America and the world to support others seeking connection with a higher power. He loved the Subud spiritual community, and for decades worked tirelessly, up to the very end, to build and sustain Amani as a center for the Subud community. Those who loved him knew Damanhuri for the many little things that made him larger than life: Beethoven concertos, roasting coffee, a tireless Do-It-Yourselfer at home and Amani. His Celebration of Life was held at Amani on Feb 18, 2024.

Damon Hyldreth is internationally known for his large metal sculptures which are featured outdoors at public buildings, hospitals, and international hotels across America and around the world (China, Kuwait, London, and Europe). Damon’s guided approach to art is explained on his website ( “My approach is intuitive and process-driven rather than having preconceived ideas. My process in sculpture is a process of discovery through making…My goal as an artist is to bring back magic, to create art that reflects the visible elements of the world as well as the magical unseen life forces.”

The Amani-Twin Oaks Steering Committee is chaired by Lucas Boladian, with Matthew Clark as Vice- Chair, Howard Moneta as ATO Property Manager, and Meldan Heaslip, Bustamante Pollard, Murtado Bustillo,  Irwin Mendez, and Stefan Donner completing the management team. For details, see Amani also hosts the WSA-SUSA Archives, co-chaired by Lucas and Matthew with Daniela Moneta as the WSA Archivist-in-Residence. Philip Lindstrom is the Chairman of Subud USA.

FURTHER FUNDING IS NEEDED to complete this worthwhile project. $5,000 has been paid and another $7,000 must be raised. Please consider contributing towards the purchase of the Hyldreth sculpture, please send donations directly to Subud-USA , earmarked for Amani Center/Hyldreth Art at: or contact Matthew Clark at or 813.600.8242.

The Damon Hyldreth Amani Center Sculpture


The Hyldreth Sculpture

The Hyldreth Sculpture

The Hyldreth Sculpture

The Hyldreth Sculpture

The Hyldreth Sculpture

The Hyldreth Sculpture



  1. Wonderful to have a Damon Hyldreth sculpture at the Amani Center in memory of Damanhuri Alkaitis!

  2. Stunning sculpture and beautiful to have it in memory of Damanhuri. Thank you.


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