SICA-USA Announces Annual Pledge Drive Reborn! by Jim O’Halloran

Apr 18, 2024 | 1 comment

SICA-USA Announces Annual Pledge Drive Reborn!

The SICA-USA board is reaching out to you for pledges to continue our ongoing work to further Subud culture both here in the United States and abroad. Many thanks to our current and past donors. You have made our projects possible!

We gratefully accept all kinds of donations at any frequency you care to pledge, be it a significant one-time donation, or a smaller amount donated monthly. We are happy to accommodate your preferred giving style.

How to pledge?

Easy! Push the button and donate!

What do we want to do and where would your donations go?

We intend to continue our current projects, increase our ability to fund worthy projects, to assist creatives with internal and external grant requests, and expand our ties to our brother and sister organizations internationally. 

What are we currently doing?

  • Contribution to the Damon Hyldreth sculpture at the Amani Center
The Hyldreth Sculpture

The Hyldreth Sculpture

  • Support for Dahlan Foah’s Seven Frequency Operas®
  • We have a blog featuring weekly postings of cultural news, artistic creations, and artist profiles. In addition, we are continuing to expand our galleries of Subud creatives, both Current and Legacy Artists at
SICA-USA Gallery Page

SICA-USA Gallery

What is SICA-USA?

The Subud International Cultural Organization is one of the wings of Subud and supports Subud culture. SICA programs and services work at the intersection of creativity and spirituality to awaken, encourage, and celebrate a vibrant human culture that enriches and enlivens the human spirit and broadens our understanding of others. SICA-USA fosters true human culture for and from all of mankind in all manner of human endeavor, focusing on local culture in a global community.

Our vision statement:

SICA-USA contributes to the local, regional and global communities by:

  1. Helping to fund directly, or in an advisory capacity, long-term cultural projects.
  2. Fostering developing talent with an apprenticeship/mentorship program.
  3. Developing cultural projects that benefit local, regional, global communities.
  4. Advising and lending expertise to small and large cultural projects, from the idea stage, to planning, to implementation, through the life of the project.
  5. Networking “culture-creators” as a way of reinforcing, encouraging, and assisting one another, and creating global understanding in the local community and local understanding in the global community.
  6. Providing and sharing information about obtaining grants.
  7. Nurturing and promoting the expression of artistry and creativity, of all kinds, that has the power to inspire and heal.

Quoting the Notables:

From Ibu Rahayu: “Culture is not limited to dancing, singing, or art in general. The human soul also touches human thought. In fact, this contact can help you pursue your profession. People in Subud don’t just seek spiritual knowledge. We live as normal people and we pursue our respective professions, and at the same time we seek spiritual understanding. “This is why Bapak made the decision to set up a Subud wing called the Subud International Cultural Association. Bapak hoped that through SICA, Subud members who had a talent in a particular field would create something truly new or different, something that would touch other people who are not in Subud.

Here is a link to a post from our chair, Lawrence Pevec:

“Each Subud member makes a unique contribution of their unique heritage to Subud Culture. Viewed this way, the individual as well as the aggregate culture are important, should be enjoyed and honored and to one degree or another have a positive effect on society”.

Jim O'Halloran Bradner Gardens Concert With Poetry August 2023

Jim O'Halloran Bradner Gardens Concert With Poetry August 2023


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  1. Are there scheduled Bradner Garden concerts in 2024? or is the post about the concerts just a reminder that they happened in 2023?


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