SICA-USA Board Retreat at CoPlay in Indiana

by | May 20, 2022 | 1 comment

The SICA-USA Board Retreat is becoming realized thanks to the hard work of the board, our National Helper Liaisons and others who appreciate true culture. More details are to come, but even though the retreat officially starts tonight (Friday, May 20, 2022) participants have begun to arrive:


Jim Dehner, Kristiana Kalab, Susannah Rosenthal and Lawrence Pevec

Unfortunately, Sanderson Morgan will not be attending the retreat in person and a Zoom component will be used to incorporate his vast cultural understanding. (Did you see his interview with Bachrun LoMele?@?)

Also, Lauren Stanley has had to resign from the SICA-USA board due to other commitments and we wish her well with appreciation for her many contributions.

And Michael Brownell will not attend, but has been helping set a foundation for harmony for this retreat and SICA-USA in general.

My hope is that we can get clarity and implement the Cultural Conversation that we started to discuss in 2021. What will Subud look like in 20 years? How is culture part of that evolution?

Marston Gregory told me years ago that any Subud job is a detoxification and no one can say I was not warned, but guidance and expert help via our expert helpers (& others in Subud) have made this manageable and to them I am grateful and to you I am as well for reading this. On to Indiana!

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  1. Wishing you a harmonious and blessed retreat.


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