Rachman Cantrell Holiday Party Photos

by | Dec 20, 2021 | 1 comment

We are blessed in Seattle to have one of the best Subud photographers in our midst, Rachman Cantrell. He has been one of the most prodigious historians in our global spiritual community, attending thousands of Subud events over the years and bringing back our smiles, our joy, and our delight at being practitioners of the Latihan Kejiwaan. On Sunday December 12, 2021, Rachman and his wife Aida did Latihan, ate pandemic pizza and many other incredible dishes and then he did what he does, took photos. See his latest works of art here: https://www.subudgreaterseattle.com/christmas-party-photos/ A couple to whet your appetite:

Aida Cantrell & Bhakti Watts by Rachman Cantrell

Aida Cantrell & Bhakti Watts by Rachman Cantrell

Paul E Nelson

Paul E Nelson 12.12.2021 Subud Xmas by Rachman Cantrell

Thank you Brother. You are a genius, a kind soul and we’d love to see more of your work here.

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  1. This is just what has been missing… portraits of those opened in Subud. I have always tt s so po reciwted Rachman’s photo files he publishes from time to time. I sure hope he will continue documenting our dear family everywhere.


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