Help the 2028 Subud World Congress Proposal

Oct 24, 2022 | 0 comments

This is from Andrew Hall, former Chair of Subud Canada, on behalf of the Subud 2028 World Congress Proposal Committee:

As you all know, the upcoming Subud World Congress is taking place in Kalimantan in early 2024, about 15 months from now. At the Kalimantan Congress, the site will be chosen for the following Subud World Congress, expected to happen in 2028.

Subud USA with support from Subud Canada is exploring the idea of hosting that next Subud World Congress here in North America. We are now putting together a proposal which can be shown to delegates at the Kalimantan Congress. We want your help.

The submission will include a short video and Powerpoint slide presentation. We want to include pictures and video clips showing Subud members from the different Subud groups across North America, all smiling and waving to the camera. These visuals will reinforce the message that North America is a welcoming place for a Subud World Congress.

The video was taken on a cellphone at the Subud Montreal hall on October 16. It gives an idea of what we are looking for:

Upload your video clips and still images from your cellphone to your Google Drive or Dropbox account and send the link to Andrew Hall at If you have any questions about this, contact Andrew directly. His cell is 613-408-2260. We are asking people to submit pictures and videos by the end of November. Thanks, everyone.

The video and slide show will talk about the advantages of holding a Subud World Congress in North America, about how there are several possible World Congress sites and that we are determined to choose a site that is affordable, accessible and safe. Our key message will be that Subud members in North America see a World Congress in North America having a major focus on the kedjiwaan,

Thanks for your help.

The Subud 2028 World Congress Proposal Committee


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