Elegy for Nicholas Harper by Nicholas Wolfson

by | Apr 27, 2021 | 7 comments

THE LIBERATION OF THE EVERGLADES DRAGON (Ending Millions of Years of Stuck), by Nicholas Wolfson.

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 inches, April 2021. In Memoriam NICHOLAS HARPER (a Subud brother who died peacefully this week in Tucson, Arizona at the age of 83). A week ago Nicholas told me the story of convening a small group of able people and working with them to successfully liberate the dragon that had been stuck in the Everglades for up to a billion years. Even though I didn’t disbelieve him, Nicholas gave me his team-members’ phone numbers, and got their OK for me to call them. I phoned them and they allowed as to that it happened. They helped me to visualize how it was – the colors, the energy, the lift – as the dragon gathered itself up and flew away. This painting intends to memorialize that event and to celebrate Nicholas.

* * *

From Daniela Moneta:

This is part of an account given by Reynold (now Ruslan) Feldman who was Councillor Organisasi for the USA at the time. He mentions something that Nicholas said at the 6th Subud World Congress in Toronto, in 1979 in a session of a working group:

This document is on the Archives website (not to be confused with the SUSA Archives website) by doing a search on Lundell. Nicholas Harper was known as Hugo Lundell in the early days and then changed his name to Nicholas Lundell and then changed his surname to Nicholas Harper. God bless him.

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  1. Love you Nicholas. Wishing you a beautiful journey in the world beyond.

  2. Gorgeous painting! Prayers for Nicholas.

  3. Love you my brother, may Allah continue to guide you on your new journey.❤️🙏🏾

  4. Wonderful painting. “I can see it !” A line form the 1958 British comedy The Horses Mouth with Alec Guinness as Gulley Jimsom an eccentric and all consumed visionary artist. Gulley uses a patrons apartment as a studio to paint an inspired commissioned work (not what the patron had requested) while they are abroad. Winds up trashing the place and when the patron returns to total destruction with the finished work taking up an entire wall the patron’s outrage turns to wonderment as he looks bug-eyed and says, “I can see it ! I can see it !” Just before he falls through the floor.
    Hoping we all have that same good fortune “I can see it” just before we fall through the floor. I’m sure Nicholas the dragon liberator is one of the lucky ones as. As are we all.

  5. Blessings in the great mystery beyond Nicolas. Thanks for all you’ve done here to pave your way home.

  6. Does anyone know about Hadith?

    He is unforgettable, had such a love of the spirit world, was so sincere. I’ll never forget our encounters. After the World Council meeting in Quito when Harun Murray ended up with 3 jobs, I went to help out as recording secretary. On returning to LA, Nic transcribed & formalized my notes in a PDF for the council. There was much receiving going on to get it all right. He was so generous always trying to help people with his fantasmogoric ways! He was most often right about the details, scared people sometimes, until he always got to the bottom line: “God is Love.”

  7. A legend never dies. Those of us who have known you and Hadith through the years will likely say that we have never known anyone quite like Nicholas, with whom just about every encounter pushed the outer edge of the envelope. I have stories no one will ever know, many of which seemed to have taken place in another realm — but all of them very real, as real as the ordinary coffees and meals we shared when you and Hadith lived in Santa Fe. I treasure this closeness and will never forget its impact. May God bless and guide your path home, dear brother. And to you, dearest Hadith, I send my love and gratitude and prayers.


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