A New film from Faux Reel Films and Hamilton’s Mushroom Extracts: Azurescens: Through a Blue Lens

by | Nov 26, 2022 | 0 comments

Featured at the 2022 Fungi Film Festival coming in December.

Hamilton Pevec’s new film explores the relationships that surround one of the most potent hallucinogenic mushrooms found in the natural world.  He looks at how Psilocybe azurescens relates to the people who hunt it, the role it plays in the unique ecosystem where it thrives and those who have been healed by it. But what are the human impacts and how will propagating this species affect the coastal dune ecosystem? Hamilton Pevec lives with his wife and two children in Colorado. He runs the film production company, Faux Reel Films and the Mushroom extract company, Hamilton’s Mushroom Extracts. He has combined his two passions and now makes movies about all things fungi with the mission to make mycology accessible and entertaining. You may purchase tickets to the Fungi Film Festival premier showing of the film at: https://www.fungifilmfest.com/tickets There are two in-person screenings including Q+A with filmmakers on December 8th.  and December 11th in Portland, Oregon. There are Video-On-Demand tickets available as well.


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