Fund Drive Gratitude

Jul 1, 2021 | 0 comments

The Board of SICA-USA is pleased to report that our first Fund Drive was a success. We raised over $10,000 and we’re very grateful for everyone who has supported SICA-USA. Plans are in the works to create events with entertainment, experiential Cultural Conversation workshops and opportunities to share and discover your talent in the effort to express yourself as a Subud member in a way Bapak had envisioned, from a deep part of your own Jiwa.

In 2021 we funded Patrick Morgan’s memoir before his untimely passing, Emmanuel Williams’ young adult novel Crinolina, the 15th Poetry Postcard Fest, encouraging Subud poets and would-be poets to participate in a global writing and community-building event and we have maintained this blog with weekly content for over 2 years.

The SICA-USA Board is working in a harmonious and creative way, and we are humbled by and appreciative of all the positive feedback we are getting from blog readers and Subud members. Of course you can make a tax-deductible donation to SICA-USA at any time of year here: as our fund-raising efforts are ongoing.


Paul E Nelson & Hamilton Cheifetz
SICA-USA Chair & SICA-USA Past Chair


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SICA-USA, the Subud International Cultural Association is the Cultural wing of SUBUD USA.

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