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Mar 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Please join our Cultural Conversation. We ask you to support SICA-USA at $100 per year.

Creativity: the Blossom of Culture

All humans are creative by nature. Creativity can be applied to everything humans do and as such, it is the cornerstone of culture. To be creative is to be open, to generate new ideas, to make and express, to broaden perspectives, to add value. The engine of creativity results in a human culture that allows us not only to live but to flourish.

The Subud Dynamic

What is the difference between Subud culture and culture in general? As Subud members, do we benefit from having a unique lens through which to view and understand culture? (See this.) Our spiritual practice grants a deeper dimension to our individual and collective culture – one that is living, changing, and constantly evolving. The influence of the Great Life Force received through our practice of the latihan kedjiwaaan puts us in greater touch with the true content of all that we do, experience, seek, and create. If Subud is a gift, our culture is the cultivation of that gift. READ MORE



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