Subud Couples Who Support Each Other in Their Cultural Flow

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Subud Couples Who Support Each Other in Their Cultural Flow
Roads Less Traveled, The Adventures of Joyce O’Halloran and Don Berg – by Fayra Teeters

In the nine years that Don and I have been partners, we have supported each other’s passions. I support Don’s commitment to transforming K-12 education and he supports my llama 4-H activities. We have shared an interest in education reform since we first met 30 years ago. Back then we both knew that K-12 education as practiced in most of the world, was a miserable experience for most children and left them ill-prepared for adult life. But what to do? Now we are on a roll by reading and discussing current literature, writing books and pamphlets, and producing videos on the psychology of learning, as well as networking whenever we participate in conferences. Don writes books and pamphlets and creates videos which I critique and edit. Please visit to enjoy Don’s videos!

Spring Creek Sproingers Halloween 2022 Canned Food Drive

I founded the Spring Creek Sproingers Llama 4-H club in 1997. Don and I co-lead the 4-H Club and take 4-Hers on llama camping trips. These 4-H activities mirror our vision of successful education by utilizing mixed-aged groupings that include kids with challenges, by having the more experienced kids teach new 4-H members, by creating hands-on experiences and giving them autonomy in what they do and when they do it, by giving them opportunities to interface with the public when they volunteer with canned food drives and by bringing llamas to public events.

Don wrote 6 self-published books between 2004 and 2020. Then he made the leap to working with the publisher Publish Your Purpose, noting that he had to write the book Holistic Equity: How to Manage the Hidden Curriculum in K-12 because he had not found anything else that goes deeply enough into rethinking education from a scientifically grounded perspective.

Don Berg- Book Sell Sheet


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  1. As someone who taught students from third grade up through college all over the world I think Don Berg’s ideas about education are very sound and true, and I hope teachers and administrators all over the world become aware of what he is saying. Change is desperately needed in schools.


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