Rosanna Arquette Says She Has Lived in Fear

Aug 30, 2019 | 8 comments

A Subud member has brought to our attention at SICA-USA this story about a member of a family with a historic Subud connection.

Rosanna Arquette

Photograph: Ursula Macfarlane/BBC/LT2 Films

The linked Guardian story (click on the photo) is about Rosanna Arquette being one of the first women to step forward and reveal the predatory nature of film executive Harvey Weinstein and how it has affected her life and career. It touches on charitable work, her family, gender issues and there are several important quotes, including one about the nature of the #MeToo movement in which Rosanna says, aptly:

“The next step is the healing,” she says. To this end, she is “constantly” working on her trauma in therapy, and “talking with other women all the time, every day” about their experiences. Don’t these conversations require her to dwell in the moment of abuse?“It’s not dwelling,” she says. “It’s still really new. And we have to be diligent and on top of it at all times, because I think men think this is a phase women are going through, and we’re here to tell you, this is never going away. So many women have been abused, and it’s been normalised. We can’t normalise this. It’s not normal!” (The bold is our emphasis.)

In the effort to decide what news is under the auspices of SICA-USA, the dialog with the long-time Subud member who sent the link included their notion that:

I must say that I am unsure what the purpose of publishing this article in SICA News might be. If the idea is to prove how terrible are the risks in working in the movie industry, then we know that! If we publish it with a question about what SICA (or Subud) might do to help and support members trying to make a career in such an environment, then that might make some sense, but perhaps that should wait until SICA has some real commitment, “has made an intention”, to do something! As I pointed out the purpose of sending this to SICA was to try to give some tangible rationale to explain why Bapak proposed what he did as a function of SICA, in particular SICA USA in California.

The rationale for it is quite clear. Through the latihan, Subud is truly a brotherhood of humanity (OK, in California a “sisterhood” or something), of all of humanity, and we need to express that though the love and care we give to each other outside of doing the latihan. So, being a member is not about going to latihan, saying “Hi” to everyone and then going home. Subud is not something limited to the individual. It is a latihan of the whole of humanity. We have Subud children going to schools where the teachers know nothing about the true nature and inner qualities of the children under their care, so we need to start schools where the teachers are helpers and have received the latihan. We have older members who find it difficult to get to latihan or who need a place where the latihan can come to them, and they are regularly in touch with helpers, and (in the case in point) we have Subud members whose inner lives are effectively ruined by the nature of the work they are doing and the environment they live in!

This is what the Wings are for. Not to help those who do not need it, but to help the members with real needs. To do that the Wings need to bring the members who work or live in each of the environments we have Wings for – Culture/Arts; Business; Health; Social Work; Youth and they each make an Association of members that they register and where some can provide funding, others inner support, others outer support to those Subud members who need it (identified by local centers and helpers, and all supported of course by funding from the main Association including MSF and Subud enterprises). All that is needed to start is an understanding of the objective and a statement of a firm intention. That’s all you need to start. Then, once you have collected your Association of members in the Culture and Arts that group of members can come up with programs and projects according to need and inner guidance, that’s it!

Is this dialog important to you? Do you think this is worthy cultural news? Is it what you expect from SICA-USA? Comments are welcome, as is cultural news with a Subud angle. Feel free to respond to the weekly Saturday email from SICA-USA and thanks for reading.


  1. well…..Weinstein IS in court right now, but i read Rossanna’s remarks a couple of years ago when the whole thing was the current ‘news of the day’….. of course, you weren’t posting the SICA stuff then….. i think it’s worthwhile to post, for sure, for those members who may not have caught all the stuff in late 2017 🙂 what’s rather appalling is that the jerk was able to get away with it for so long 🙂 the same with Woody Aleen, who managed to maintain his rep until Ronan Farrow, who was a major exposer of Weinstein, came out strongly for his sister, & the charges finally got to people because he’s such a highly respected journalist 🙂 ….but here’s a twist…. the scene in Annie Hall where Woody as a kid switches to his older self in the classroom scene where the lil 7 year old girl is complaining about his attentions —- it is hilarious…..& maybe because in those days Woody was able to channel his perversions into his art instead of inflicting them on his own daughter 🙂 of course, maybe because of the latihan, i & many of us always felt there was something “weird” about him 🙂 i think it is well for us to practice this gift we’ve been given & be aware of the nature of the artists who create the movie arts we see…… there’s a lot of sick stuff out there, motivated by the sickness of those who create it 🙂 the most important thing is look at everything with some sense of detachment & that is our gift 🙂

  2. I have written a long Jungian analysis of the fairytale ‘Snow White’ which may help give direction to the appalling abuse referred to above. If interested, do follow up on what I propose.
    God Bless,

    • Can you link to it here in the comments section?

      • sGreat insight into the role of the Wings in Subud and a shout out to Rosanna for Speaking Out with courage, giving in turn, courage to so many others and for the future!!✨????????

  3. Yes, this is important because the problem is still going on, and part of Subud Culture is surely a desire for safety and wholeness for all its members, and by extension, all of Humankind. Part of the solution is awareness on the part of men who are able to reflect and ask what part of this issue is theirs, and what they need to change in order to heal themselves and aid in the healing of those around them.

    • Yes, Thank you for your comments.

  4. “Is this dialog important to you ?” YES. “Do you think this is worthy Cultural news ?” IT IS OUR CULTURE. “Is it what you expect from SICA-USA ?” SURE WHY NOT. It’s sad to say but it is a great part of what shapes our lives and our attempts at making sense of the world we face. So maybe through cultural expression, or just trying to survive in a world of lower forces, that many times we just don’t have a clue about, we stand a chance of opening a way for others. At least we can see there are others on the road with us. I think of the sacrifices of my sisters all the time and they become all the more poignant with this example. It touches us all and reminds us of the importance of staying close to the gift we have received and to attempt to put it into practice. Not to mention to offer our prays for our grandmothers, mothers and wives who have all suffered and continue to do so. Their suffering spills over and touches us all, thus our culture. It’s a great shame, this treatment we inflict. The arts, with grace and guidance, may yet help to comfort and show respect to the abused.

  5. Ro, watched you on L O’D tonight on MSNBC. Well done strong one!

    Your outpouring today is so indicative of Arquette toughness and unadulterated love.

    I would love to recover more memory of 1983 in Bucelas Int’l Congress. Patricia was an absolute trip (I had a severe crush). I think David was running around in kids-r-us skivvies. Pretty much Woodstock in Portugal.

    Anytime you want to escape to a safe place on the east coast, you, Richmond, Patricia, David – everybody – are welcome at our flat. Latihan, good food, great microbeers. Whatever. We are quietly centered btwn Balt & DC.

    Harris, aka Billy Woodward
    Son of Rohana/Susan Woodward/Alkaitis
    Subud Wash DC

    NOTE: to my Subud sisters and brothers on this Blog, please forgive my personal note. I mean to convey only happiness and openness to my sister here.


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