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‘Edge Of Winter’
100 cm x 100 cm

artist website

She achieved a first class BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at Exeter College of Art and Design in 1981, after which she lived in Madrid for a year returning to England to give birth to her first child. She has been working as a painter consistently ever since along wth raising a family and spending time in Andalucia, Italy and France.
She loves to collaborate and exhibit with other artists, as well as having solo shows both locally and in London, Scandinavia and Spain.

‘My work reflects a world of memory and dream. I am inspired by the natural world and how it touches us at a deeper level. I grew up in Cornwall – whose wild beauty is a strong influence as is the light and colour of Andalucia.

Gail lives and works full time as a painter in Cambridge (UK).

Carreta in tonos cálidos


In 1971, Susilowati visited Indonesia. She was a young Chilean artist working in traditional media. She was also in Subud. Not long after she returned to Chile, she began to create works in a whole new way. She calls it Virganix, a new art form born from within. Its “ancestral source” is Javanese batik; its media are dyes and beeswax on prepared papers. Susilowati has created more than 5900 works in Virganix. She has had more than 80 exhibitions, and 10 prizes.

A strong advocate for arts in education, Susilowati also lectures, and publishes articles on human values and the importance of developing one’s inner talent to be happy in this world.

Susilowati (Marcela Davanzo de Amesti) lives and works in Santiago de Chile.

The Return
from a series of self protraits from photos by Terry Cooper.
Title taken from the I Ching.

Maria Blakey

artist websiteI was born in London, England in 1965. My family emigrated to Australia when I was 7 years old. I came to live in France in 1991. My life, so far, is woven with strands of three countries. England, Australia, France. In gratitude for the weave of life. . .

As I believe art is a process of weaving: a weave of colour and light, line and form, sound, tone and time or word and movement. Wherein the weave creates a tapestry of understanding, coloured and delineated with associations. The tapestry varying according to the eyes, ears and experience of the person that perceives it.

I also see the artist as a weave of influences and exploration.


Breathing for Stefan
oil on canvas; 24 x 36”

Maia Spall

artist websiteI live in Whitstable and am inspired by the special light around the Kent Coast and the influence of its surrounding rural landscape. I grew up in Southeast London, and as child, there were places that stimulated my imagination: a gateway near to the park, the wall of a house left standing from the war with a church behind it that I stared at from the living room window. Such special places were known only to me and were full of mystery and adventure.

My process of painting is similar to these past childhood journeys . . . the canvas becomes a space to explore; a special place where struggle and conflict are all part of the adventure . . .

Maia lives and work in UK

Poetry of Light Series
fine art photography


artist websiteI write my poetry with the colours of light. I feel a deep bond between myself and the virtue of light pulsing through all of creation.

My photography is devoted to this magical world my inner and outer eyes want to discover and reveal.

The camera is my instrument to convert the seemingly common into a ryhthm of colours and light . . . revealing the poetry of light.

It is my joy to behold these precious moments: the miracle of life dancing in ecstasy with the light at the threshold of heaven and earth.

Ismanah (Maria Ismana Schulze-Vorberg) was born in Tanzania and lived in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, USA and now Germany.

Reflections in the River Ouse

Mufidah Kassalias

artist website The inspiration for the Reflections in the River Ouse series came to me on the Cliffe Bridge where I paused early on a glorious mid-summer morning to watch the river flowing slowly, languidly out to sea. The air was still and the reflections in the river unusually clear. I pulled out my camera and started shooting, capturing only the reflections in the frame.

In contrast to that first morning of calm waters when I shot reflections of the West bank, the wind was blowing strong gusts the evening I photographed the East bank, making the water quite choppy and the reflections more abstract.

All ten photographs were taken at dawn or dusk – the golden hour – when the sun was soft and warm, and in all cases at high tide.

Mufidah lives and works in UK. She is also a Mac expert and teacher.

Lines 2
70cm x 70cm.

Alena Kennedy

artist websiteWhile different from the typical ‘Windows’ paintings, this work is also a study in concealment and revelation; textures and patterns in nature.

It can be viewed as an impressionistic land or beach ‘scape.’

Alena lives and exhibits in Australia.

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