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Suncatcher Players SICA-USA – Hadrian Pollard, Artistic Director

Suncatcher Players is a performing arts nonprofit that started in the Fall of 2021, dedicated to fulfilling a need not often addressed in our community: providing space for kids to deeply follow their creative visions. At Suncatchers the instructors use their experiences and resources to bring kids’ creative visions into reality.

Hadrian Pollard is a teacher and author of fantasy novels. Hernando Claros is a professional scenic and lighting designer. Alexis Ward is a musician and founding member of Water the Band. Together we work with students as they write stories, music, and design entire productions.

We also believe that students, no matter their racial, ethnic, gender, or financial backgrounds, should be encouraged to express their stories. The $500 SICA-USA Grant was used to purchase materials used for sets, costumes and props for our student-written plays presented June 3-4, 2022. We presented two original plays, a musical, plus comedy sketches. This two-day event was open to all who chose to attend.

Quotes from parents of Suncatcher Children following performances in June:

“Also just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating and leading this amazing program!! My daughter really loves it and has developed so much confidence as she pursues her creative interests. And it’s such a joy for us to see her perform. We’re so impressed by all the work you, your team, and the kids have done. I think it also means a lot to her to “find her people” at such a young age. I had to wait until high school to find my theater friends, so how awesome that she’s having this experience in elementary school.

“I’m not sure what all to attribute it to (my guess is Suncatchers is a big factor), but we have seen a lot of positive growth in my son this semester—he’s happier, he’s more confident, more cooperative and easier to get along with. This has been really good for him, and it’s been about the first extracurricular he’s cared about. It’s something I didn’t even know he needed.”

“Thanks for all you’ve done with Suncatchers! My son just loves it, and I was thrilled to see him in his element last night. All the kids get so much out of it, and it wouldn’t exist without your vision and commitment to see it through.”

“I was blown away by the show last night. I’m probably going to repeat this phrase to you guys several times this weekend, so just bear with me, but that is what I’d call “high art”. The movement, the music, the stories that are subtle and human. All of it! Amazing. Just wanted you to know that your hard work and kindness have shown through. These kids are forever better for being a part of Suncatchers. Thank you!”



  1. So happy that Suncatcher Players continues to thrive.

    The warm accepting safe space where children are heard and encouraged is a credit to the Subud music and theatre artists that set the tone. Every participant is welcomed, included and appreciated for their contribution to each season’s student-inspired productions.

    —Premiere Season Movement Coach

  2. Beautiful.. and inspires the teacher in me. Perhaps it will work out I can visit and witness this first hand and see how it feels to interact.

    david mcc


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