Subud Virtual Zoom Artshow

Sep 3, 2020 | 0 comments

From Rohanna Salom, Subud California:

After the success of the CA Gathering three weeks ago, I had the idea of producing a virtual zoom art show.

I am working on the technical difficulties and while I get them resolved I think it might be time to start communicating with interested painters and graphic designers.   Possibly architects could be included.

So, if you could tell me the names of Subud painters and graphic artists and architects in SICA, that would be really great.   I have gotten the new Subud USA Directory, so I can access their emails and phone numbers.

Thank you very much for your work, your help and all you do for SICA.

Rohanna Salom

Rohanna Salom has come to be a painter late in life. The first part of her life was dedicated to medicine and after retirement she took on painting. Below, some of her work.

If you have work you would like to submit for consideration, please contact Rohanna.




Prayer. 4×3 feet, acrylic on wood panel

The Elephants 6×2 feet, acrylic on wood panel

Eagles Dream 6×1:5 acrylic on wood panel

Walking with Flowers Watercolor 25×20 inches on paper


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