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Sep 10, 2020 | 2 comments

The SICA-International Zoomuse program of Subud poets on August 21, 2020, had SICA-USA Board Member Sofiah Sexton!

Sofiah Sexton Live
SICA Zoomuse Series
21st August 2020

About Sofiah
My name is Sofiah Sexton. I live in Exeter, California–not far from the Badger group. I recently published a book of my writings called A Path in the Wilderness. I am working on a new book called Wandering Down the Lane. I am 75 years old and have been in Subud for fifty years. I am a retired school librarian/media specialist. I have two sons, one of whom is in Subud and is married to the daughter of Sharif and Sulfiati Harris. They have five children and live in Visalia, California–about ten miles from me. I live with two little Shih-Poos who are a welcome company, especially since the lockdown. I am a member of the Friends Meeting of Visalia, California. I love writing and photographing nature.

Humble Origins
Southern river valleys
And similar habitats
Of simple, earnest folk
Soak up the sorrow
Into the river and the hills
Of the valley. Trees and grasses
Glisten in the doleful tunes
Arising from the fiddles and guitars…
Falling down again in bitter tears
To feed the endless cycle of desires
Unfulfilled and passions shamefully spent.
Here is a safe place—
A space to hang out
And share hearts’ concerns and joys,
And schemes and occupations of minds.
The Grace-filled singing, dancing,
Twirling, praying, and blissful silences
Circulate among the open hearts
And quiet mind of spiritual siblings.
Reclamation of the Garden’s seed
Is broadcast in our revolving planet’s parched foundation.
Fresh rains will refresh the yearning Soil of the Earth
And her newborn species will arise.

– Sofiah Sexton



  1. You sound a beautiful person..age and duration in Subud are much the same here.
    My focus is pastel painting and a little playbwriting..I find I write poetry ‘when moved’ as we Quakers would say!
    Keep up the good work..God Bless Stephen /Sjariban Flynn.

  2. Sofiah it’s so nice to hear your story. I love your writing and it makes me happy to see you happy. God bless you dear sister.


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