SICA-USA National Helper Liaisons

Mar 14, 2021 | 3 comments

It’s such a joy, and part of the Subud experience, to have National Helper Liaisons to consult in the event that harmony is imperiled at any wing, or committee, or other such Subud initiative. Achieving our current deep (and broad) harmony SICA-USA hasn’t been easy. It has been my experience that trust in the Subud process of asking for guidance, testing and beckoning the noble in each other works every time. I am delighted to publicly thank our helpers, Michal Brownell and Jim Dehner for their efforts in getting us to where we are now, with board harmony, a variety of emerging bloggers, an exciting new Cultural Conversation that’s been initiated and our first Fund Drive now in process. (We seek at least 200 supporters at $100 a year, which is a modest sum given our web content that statistics prove is appreciated by membership.)

Michal Brownell is a National Helper liaison to SICA. She was opened in 1972 in Bangkok and has been a Regional Helper on the East Coast of the U.S. and in London, UK. Married with 4 kids (2 in Subud) she has lived in Europe and Asia. She’s worked as teacher, waitress, reporter, copy editor, editorial assistant, is retired and living in coastal Rhode Island. (Photo above.)

Jim Dehner Bio

I was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa, attended Iowa State University and earned a degree in anthropology.   In Jim Dehner1977 my wife and I joined the Peace Corps and moved to Afghanistan to teach at Kabul University.  After our service ended we traveled to Indonesia and stayed at Wisma Subud in Cilandak.  It was there I learned about Subud and was subsequently opened.  Back in the U.S. my wife and I earned our teaching certifications and began teaching at the secondary level.  In 1988 our family, which now included daughter Maya, left for Bolivia for our first international school teaching post.  For the next 30+ years we worked in various international schools in South America, Southeast and South Asia and North Africa.  I taught social studies and photography, primarily at the secondary level, until eventually becoming a secondary school principal. Now, happily retired, I’m living in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I love to travel, especially when I can do so on my motorcycle.  I also enjoy mountain biking and rowing.  However, my greatest joy comes from serving my Subud sisters and brothers as a National Helper.



  1. Great bios on the SICA helper liaisons

  2. Very nice mini bios from both of you. I really enjoyed reading them, thanks.

  3. Such wonderful people and helpers! Thank you very much for these great bios, and especially for your very lovely description of their work and impact!
    “It has been my experience that trust in the Subud process of asking for guidance, testing and beckoning the noble in each other works every time.”


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