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Aug 12, 2020 | 1 comment

Longtime and beloved (former) Subud Portland member Solihin Thom read his poetry as part of the SICA-International Zoomuse series, started by Emmanuel Williams. Solihin read July 20, 2020, and the recording of that occasion is now posted for your enjoyment.

Once based in the Pacific Northwest, Solihin is semi-retired living in Turkey, with Alicia. They live on the lovely turquoise coast of the eastern Mediterranean, in a little Seaside town called Kalkan. He was an osteopath and acupuncturist and evolved and developed an ontological approach to medicine; health and well being; he still teaches (over zoom)and occasionally sees clients. His approach has its roots deep in the years as a peripatetic mover within and on the fringes of Subud. He has been a member since ‘73. He occasionally writes poetry-is it really poetry he writes-when an inner feeling prompts him; so recently, not much inner prompting!

Alicia and Solihin, together with Rebecca Ter Horst, co-wrote the book ‘Being Human‘ and published it in 2003. At the moment he is writing another book in this ‘series’, a semi-autobiographical book illustrating the insights that inform his approach to medicine, and the tools that may help others understand health from an ontological approach.

Solihin and Alicia have four grown-up children and four adorable granddaughters. Life is good even when times are a’ changing!

You can find more about Solihin’s writings here:

The main website for the series is:

Other Zoomuse poets:

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