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May 2, 2009 | 0 comments

Latihan and the Creative Process – an exploration and sharing for Subud artists.

The 2009 SICA Retreat at the Portland Oregon Subud house was a success.


From Bapak:
“Now culture… is a movement or an action of the budhi, or the inner nature of man, which in other words can be called the jiwa (soul). So, in the olden days, when people used to sing or perform, what they did had the nature of a latihan. It had the effect of awakening the jiwa of those who listened to it. And what came out, what they did, was entirely received, something that they were moved to do from their jiwa, from within.”

This is a retreat for Subud artists of all kinds.
Our theme will be ‘latihan and the creative process’.

The facilitators for the event will be Isman Kanafsky and Lucas Hille, with input welcomed from all present.

Lucas Hille says:
“I am grateful to God, Leonard, Isman and Subud Portland for helping this cultural event become a reality. The idea was born from a connection and a musical sharing between Isman and Lucas at Menucha, 2008. As a musician, I have wrestled with how to express my spiritual self through the music that I do. It is an ongoing process, and, after 40-something years in Subud, I may be getting closer. Our intention (and God may have some surprises in store for us) is to create a safe space to do latihan and testing, share our experiences as artists, and explore any related themes that may arise. I look forward to being with you all.”

The event is organized by SICA USA.



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