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by | Jul 10, 2019 | 6 comments

Sulfiati Magnuson created this report of the SICA Sunday Entertainment night at the recent National Gathering in Albuquerque, as well as the remarkable photograph art:

Moments of pure, and mostly iconic entertainment in Albuquerque, that ended up in a bar! Drummers and Morris McClellan led us on a winding pilgrimage to the hotel bar where we were gifted with a lovely piano performance.

Hamilton Cheifetz

Sofya Rogers

Hamilton Cheifetz as seen through David Lynch and Maryka Ford

David Schepps

Marston Gregory, Mime Tribute to his teacher, Richmond Shepard.

Hamilton Cheifetz and David Schepps.

Morris McClellan

The procession leads from Pavillion 6 to the HQue Bar.

David Waxer, Yochanan Kalisher and Pied Piping Guitarist, Morris McClellan

Gathered at the HQue

Gathered at the HQue

Emcee, SICA-USA Secretary, Poet, Paul E Nelson


  1. very interesting 🙂

    • Beautiful.

  2. very interesting 🙂 – why does it always say i’m duplicating comment ?

  3. A fabulous evening. Thank you all.

  4. nice reminder of the warmth and camaraderie those two nights.

  5. the evenings offerings and the truly human culture from the individuals performing were a loving blessing unto us all and a testament to who and what we can become, jiwa in front, nafsu behind. So much so that we soared in plein air, in heights of human Art, on earth as heavenly. Through not the rabbit hole, but through the oceanic Openness we came through, were born into this extra dimension. Just as I always imagined it before I found it, and asked God where to find it here. It was in Albuquerque to be sure. xo & thankyou


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