Redmond & Mardiah Gleeson Mural Tribute-KGB

May 30, 2020 | 18 comments

The idea to do a tribute piece for my father, Redmond Gleeson sprang up organically.  I have been a graffiti artist my entire adult life and doing something publicly in that medium for my him was a natural reflex, not just for me but for all of us in the crew and beyond that knew him.  Our crew, KGB – Kids Gone Bad, are on a text thread and share stories and ideas all the time in our day to day life.  Almost immediately the chatter started there with David Arquette initially volleying the concept of a tribute piece.  It caught like wild fire with all of us immediately agreeing to the mission.  Balthasar Adell took on the very important job of organizing the logistics behind the scenes.  He secured the wall, assigned the design team of Gajin Fujita and David Arquette and made sure that no momentum was lost.   And we all faithfully saw it thru to its completion.

It really is a reflection of the love that my father gave to his community, let alone his family, that fueled the entire project.  It was all very obvious.  The energy behind planning, and then doing it over memorial day weekend, was effortless.  All we had to do was show up.  Redmond was a thoroughly selfless and compassionate human being who always prioritized people and their well being over everything else.  He opened his home to anyone and everyone with love- while at the same time commanding respect.  He shared a kindness and a joy for life that was clear to all who came into contact with him.  It was all reflected in his passing.  In the closing days, those that could visit him on Zoom and in person, and on social media, shared their love and stories of times with him and how he touched their hearts. This was not only very inspiring but ultimately a profound teaching moment.  To realize that the most important legacy you can leave, by far, is the love and compassion you show by example to your loved ones and community throughout your life.  This will pay 1 million times over as your reward.  Guaranteed.  An artistic expression beautifully rendered and lovingly carried out on the wall for him is just a very very small reflection of that.
— Harlan Gleeson
We’d like to thank all who played a part in making this happen:
Letter and letter color design: Gajin Fujita.
Mardiah and Redmond Portrait: David Arquette.
Background color scheme:
Design by Mardiah Gleeson and carried out by the KGB crew.
Harlan Gleeson


  1. A beautiful and moving post. Thank you.

    • Thanks Ralph Davila for making this post happen. Nice to share it with our extended Subud Family. Love you guys.

  2. Thanks to all of you who created this tribute.
    Blessings all around,
    Reynold Ruslan

  3. Beautiful, thank you.

  4. Harlan..
    Awesome tribute.
    Love your mum and dad and family. They are forever in my heart as are you❤️

  5. Thank you

  6. Gorgeous, wonderful: Mardiah’s and Redmond’s fervor and spirit depicted perfectly! “God bless”! All love to all Gleesons – always!

  7. A beautiful prayer
    Love the Snyder Family

  8. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing this wonderful expression of your love.

  9. What a lovely, loving and artful tribute.
    Hugs from Gregory

  10. I love it and I love what you wrote, Harlan. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! Love, Muftiah and family

  11. What a delightful tribute in paint. (Where is it? I’d like to see it up close!) And what a lovely message, Harlan. Blessings on the whole family and the KGB.

  12. Great tribute! Great couple! They are on a new adventure! Some of us may join them soon!

  13. What a couple, what a life. My friend Redmond, he could always make you smile. Thanks to all of the KGB for the gift.

  14. Great tribute KGB et all!!!❤️????✨????❤️????????✨
    LOVE it!!!!!

  15. What a magnificent mural and tribute to Redmond and Mardijah! I love it. It truly captures the spirit of a couple who gave so much to Subud members in their ceaseless love, and –creativity, always emanating light that was contagious! You will be missed-but always living in our hearts and spirits. To Redmond-God Bless you on your journey to God. Love Always, Rochmanna

  16. Love this! Your parents were the best parents to all us too. Thanks Har and KGB. Let us know where it is, so we can see it in person.

  17. Hi Harlan, I rather, randomly googled your father’s name and came across this site. My parents (Desmond & Evelyn) were friends with your parents in the 80’s in LA. We moved back to England mid 90’s but I think my mum kept in contact with yours. I have random memories of large parties at their house (I was very young) and I definitely have quite a number of memories of your dad coming to 3rd street school to pick up children (probably Brian?) and shouting/bellowing my name “Jimbo” and waving at me on a number of occasions across the playground. At the time I was quite embarrassed and would try and hide but I remember that quite fondly now. He was a funny guy.
    What a nice tribute you’ve done for them both. I’m sorry to see they’ve passed. My mother and sister Sarah have too. Life is cruel but I’m glad to see their kindness lives on. Nice remembering them both and my best to you all. Kind Regards, Jimbo


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