Rachman Cantrell Photos PNW Camp 1989

by | Apr 28, 2021 | 3 comments

Rachman Cantrell links vintage Subud photos featuring the Subud Mime-in-Chief Marston Gregory and a bunch of Subud kids on a post at the Subud Greater Seattle website:

Photo by Rachman Cantrell

For all the photos in that series, see: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN2HLkw8__xjNa5apIiHxHv9KYQgB8A-WI8sv4MaS40Qpn694Qalb2lbiWggkzTSg?pli=1&key=bUplMGJXNmdCRExHWGM0UGwxLXhFcDZDVXBqU3NB

Thank you Rachman for your amazing photos and multi-decade dedication to capturing Subud history!


  1. Absolutely stunning photos! And absolutely brilliant Mime-In-Chief!! Thank you Rachman, Marston, and Paul for your amazing contributions to the rich legacy of Subud life. And the faces of those children – absolutely to die for!!

  2. Wow! Thanks Rachman for sharing these photo. We had just moved to the Northwest in January that year and that was my Family Camp. We move up from Austin, TX after a time with forming Austin Lyric Opera with Michael McClain in 1984. These camps were huge back then. I had been a Mime Artist in Residence in Albuquerque and San Diego years before so had lots of experience sharing Mime with children. That was amazing camp with lots of arts activities for the kids.

  3. Fabulous example of Marston’s work! I know my children benefitted very much from the PNW children’s art camp.


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