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                                                                 The Prime Solution
       by Don Teeters
Directed by Fayra Teeters

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays @ 7:30 pm
Run Time:  2 hours with intermission
Feb 7, 8, 9

Faith on the Hill Fellowship Hall
3615 SE Hill Rd. Milwaukie, OR 97222

Tickets available at the door
Adults:  $15
Seniors/Students:  $10
503-254-5104 for info.


Kenneth Dembo as Trey, genetically engineered scientist who’s becoming obsolete       

Rachel Ladd as Cristal, his daughter, advanced genetically engineered Anthromorph       

Maya Maria Brown as Cly, the Radiant Mate artificial copy of Trey’s dead wife

Tyler Hulegaard as Derrick, the Outback renegade

Rian Turner as the E-Norm, superior being leading the Prime

Mark Friendly as Tech-Director, Stage Manager


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