Evan Padilla, Spokane and SICA History

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As we prepare for the memorial honoring the life and legacy of Evan Padilla, this comes in from Julia Hurd, who worked with Evan to make the 1997 Spokane World Congress the best-attended world congress.

Hello Paul and Latifah –

I called Latifah, following Paul’s suggestion, to learn more about SICA history. Latifah shared personal memories about her experiences and the evolution of SICA. While on the phone with her, I found minutes from the 1997 World Congress and confirmed what I remembered about SICA International. It became an official ‘wing’ in 1997, with some caveats, as Latifah well remembered.

Here’s an excerpt from the SICA portion of the ’97 congress minutes.

Thank you for your help. – Be well – Julia





3rd-17th AUGUST 1997


Congress agrees that

  1. SICA be established as a separate non-profit organisation with affiliate status to the WSA,

(subject to the approval of the SICA Bylaws by the WSC)

  1. SICA use the SDIA structure and by laws as a model
  2. The elected chairperson of SICA shall be empowered to appoint interim directors until the first general assembly of the SICA organisation
  3. Congress recommends to the SICA directors to give a high priority to:
  4. a) the identification of the areas of activities and interest which SICA should nurture
  5. b) Creating viable communications and networking process
  6. c) Co-operating with UNESCO and any other appropriate cultural organisation
  7. d) Facilitating the development of members’ talents and projects
  8. e) Developing and providing advice and support to other Subud bodies
  9. f) Establishing mechanisms for raising and applying funds

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  1. well, I remember Victor Margolin, who wrote a very interesting book about Design, proposing something like SICA to Bapak earlier AFAIR


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