Episode 3: Rocky Mountain Region Creatives; Patricia Singelyn

Sep 6, 2020 | 3 comments

From Lawrence Pevec:

This episode of Rocky Mountain Region Creatives; Number Three, introduces Patricia Singelyn, visual artist and art teacher. Trish grew up in the Detroit area and attended Catholic schools, elementary through college. With a B.F.A. in Painting, a Masters in Art Education and many years of teaching in both private and public schools Trish Says:

“My many years of teaching art to children have turned me on to the possibility of creating beauty from everyday discards. Their uninhibited “get down to it” approach has been my inspiration. I am motivated by the smile and pride written on the face of a child after creating a “masterpiece”. The young ones still delight in the magic of mixing blue and yellow to get green. The children have been my teachers and I theirs, throughout the years.”

Trish, a Fulbright Scholar, with teaching experience in Japan, has resided in Longmont, Colorado Since her move from Yarnell, Arizona where she says she became an artist as well as a teacher. She has an overwhelming desire to beautify the world with both mosaic sculpture and assemblage. Her ceramic towers grace every corner of her house and yard creating a unique environment, an inviting open-air gallery.

“I view the creative process as a phenomenon whereby something new can be manifested from the mundane.  I am immersed in the art of transformation.  I make art because I have to.  I cannot imagine my life without it or the sense of presence and joy I feel when I am lost in the act of creating.” 

It’s has been my pleasure to work with Trish on episode three and absorb some of her joy in the creative process, her appreciation for finding Subud and the expression of her inner culture.

— Lawrence Pevec

August, 2020




  1. Another wonderful creative sister. Beautiful film and project, Lawrence ♥️

  2. Lawrence, what a brilliant job on another remarkable Subud artist! Wow! I’d love to see that mosaic alligator sometime. What a service to Subud you do and Trisha, what remarkable art!

  3. thanks Laurence and Patricia singleton for a very interesting interview, demonstration and talk by Patricia.
    Great idea to post these interviews with Subud artists!


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