Annie’s Song for Evan Padilla

by | Nov 2, 2022 | 7 comments

The connection between Latihan and song is something we do not consider enough as a community. Today we have a song received by Anne Padilla after the death of her husband, beloved Subud member Evan Padilla as interpreted by a third Subud member, Jim O’Halloran, Chair of Subud Greater Seattle. He performed the song as an entrance before the start of the memorial for Evan at the Seattle Subud House on October 8, 2022. From Jim: Shortly after Evan had made his transition, Annie mentioned that she had received a melody for Evan in latihan and asked me if I would play it at the service and help with getting it on paper. About 2 weeks before the service, Annie and I spoke again, and a few days later Annie sent me snippets of the tune small enough to text. I strung these together and confirmed with Annie that they were in the appropriate order and the notes she had in mind. We agreed that I’d play it while attendees were coming in to the chapel, and that I’d repeat and expand on the melody until it was time for the service to begin. What you will hear on the audio file is Annie’s melody, once through with minor variations, and the coda signifying Evan’s ascension. It was a wonderful experience, and for me the Latihan was present in all the phases from transcription to rehearsal to performance to recording. Annie’s notes: It’s very beautiful. You played it so wonderfully. I am grateful for what you did. Yes, the very end, the coda represents the bells ringing in heaven upon his arrival. Thank you so very much. Annie


  1. Thank you for making and sharing this recording of the song. I sat – for some time – after listening.

  2. What a lovely song from our dear sister Annie. Blessings.

  3. I was so deeply moved by this recording of Annie’s song to Evan. I was unable to attend the Memorial but listening today brought me right there. Deepest thanks again. Marilyn Schirk

  4. I am deeply sorry fr your loss, Annie. Such a beautiful gift to have received this melody. As I listen, it feels like his gentle transition home.

  5. What a beautiful experience to share…so very moving. Thank you.

  6. A beautiful piece and tribute, well played. God bless.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely song.


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