AmasCafe Needs Musicians

Jan 19, 2021 | 1 comment

A new enterprise has taken shape in Seattle, that is designed to promote musicians, and lend support to SICA and Susila Dharma. We are called AmasCafe. “You Love Coffee”! Providing a World of Coffee and a World of Music.

Here’s how it works. AmasCafe has created a subscription coffee service, that will provide unique, original, musical content, accessible privately to its subscribers. The artists are being initially recruited from our own Subud ranks, and include a wonderful variety of styles. We are designing ways to create income for the performers. We hope to promote new artists as well. The enterprise is intended to help support Subud charitable endeavors.

The coffee is being curated by Chef Debbie Machado, from a special source, who will provide us with high quality natural varietals. Many are organic and fair traded, from coffee regions around the world. You’ll love the choices!

The company is comprised of Amrit Bhuie: Chief Operating Officer, Marston Gregory: Chief Financial Officer, Debbie Machado: Chief Marketing Officer, and Hanafi Libman: Chief Communications Officer.

We would love to invite you to visit, and register for future notices of our menu, progress and official launch date.

To all musicians, if you’d like to participate, please write to Hanafi at, and send us a link to showcase your art.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our information about AmasCafe
    A “World of Coffee A World ???? of Music”


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