2023 SICA USA Online Silent Auction – FINAL WEEK!

Jul 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Bargain Hunters Alert! Gift-Buyers’ Wonderland!

Announcing SICA-USA’s Final Week of the Online Auction of our National Subud Treasures!
Now running through July 17th this is your best chance to find amazing bargains at the SICA-USA Auction site. The following artists are offering their creative outpourings at reduced starting bids, because they want you to experience their art first hand:

  • Anthony LoSchiavo’s Dancing Cypress print is now offered at $200!
  • Camille Hofvendahl’s Hoop Dancer is being offered at $75
  • Lawrence Pevec’s encaustic paintings are all being offered between $10-25!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to acquire these amazing cultural/artistic outpourings – over 100 offerings representing 37 Subud artists, writers, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, performers, musicians, multi-media-ists, and mixed-baggers. You’ll be amazed at the wonder-filled spectrum and far-reaching scope of our Subud Art World! Join us online to meet artists you may not have heard of, revisit images of established professionals, or simply scroll through the vast wealth of Subud Culture! Although the Online Auction is being conducted as a fundraiser to support the work of SICA-USA, especially SICA Project Grants, we’re very excited about the exposure it will bring to all contributing artists. We trust that you will find your online experience to be exciting and inspirational as well. Bidding prices range from $8 to $800, so there’s something here for every pocketbook.

Presenting Cost-Effective Art-as-Gifts:

Salomon Chavez

Chavez works with tiles, acrylics and wood using software, laser cutting technology, and sublimation dyes. He is offering souvenir magnets, art on acrylic, and mural art tiles – all at the vastly reduced starting bids of $8, $10, and $15.

Camille Hofvendahl
Hoop Dancer by Camille Hoffvandahl
Camille is a visual artist working in many mediums including clay, yarn, cloth, painting furniture, print-making, and more recently, watercolor. She was drawn to painting Native American images photographed by Edward Curtis at the turn of the 20th Century. His subjects were on reservations in the early 1900s living an authentic lifestyle and wearing traditional clothing. Camille likes to use his compositions because he took great care to preserve the essence of native people. Camille is contributing her watercolor painting entitled Hoop Dancer, now offered at half its original starting bid.

Jim O’Halloran

Jim O’Halloran is a long-time Subud member living in Seattle, opened in 1994. He is the current recipient of a 2023 SICA Project Grant, stating that “the mystery and allure of music is that the meaning constantly changes.” Jim is offering his jazz music CD, co-created with Victor Little on bass, D’Vonne Lewis on drums, Andy Coe on guitar, Wes Dyring on viola, Nathan Vetter on trombone, Michael Nicolella on classical guitar, Marina Albero on cimbalom – and of course, Jim O’Halloran on clarinet. All this amazing music for a starting bid of only $25!

Illene Pevec
Illene Pevec, Growing a lIfe.
Ms. Pevec was opened in Aspen in 1970 and through the first wave of talent testing received she had the talent to promote culture. She worked extensively in multicultural education for children in Canada and Portugal using myths, legends, and theater. Investigating the impact on adolescents engaging in school and community garden programs, she interviewed over 100 at-risk teenagers across the United States. These teens from many diverse cultural backgrounds learned to grow food, feed themselves and their communities healthfully, and learned business skills when they sold their produce to restaurants and at Farmers’ Markets. Extensive research supplemented by beautifully candid interviews with students, illustrate the life altering physical and mental benefits that mentored gardening programs can provide. Their young honest voices make up the bulk of her book entitled Growing a Life: Teen Gardeners Harvest Food, Health and Joy, offered now at the starting bid of $10!

Cedar Barstow, M.Ed
Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics
Cedar Barstow brings 35 years of experience as a Hakomi Psychotherapist, international trainer, and ethics consultant to the work of increasing compassion, wisdom and skill. She conducts Right Use of Power Workshops, training teachers to present programs using this approach. She is offering her insightful book, The Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics at the starting bid of $10.



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