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The Subud International Cultural Association-USA’s grant program is designed to help promote exposure of the public to the benefits of art, culture, and creativity, and for help assisting Subud members in developing and sharing individual talents.  We fund all our grants through a competitive process, carefully evaluating each application. We value Subud members and projects that also operate at the intersection of creativity and spirituality and are of an intercultural nature.


Applications must fall into one of the following primary areas of cultural endeavor:




Arts & Humanities





Crafts/Folk Arts





Education & Training





Writing, Film, Media Arts


Interdisciplinary Arts



Music & Performing Arts



Science & Technology



Visual Arts, Architecture & Design



Applicants must be a 501c3 organization in the USA, a SICA-USA Sponsored Project, or Individual Subud members meeting the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Their activities must be open to the General Public.
  2. They must share SICA-USA’s logo on promo materials & provide information to all participants.
  3. The use of grant money must expose SICA-USA to Subud & non-Subud communities that may seek to donate to SICA-USA in the future, help build SICA-USA’s reputation, or support good-works in the world.
  4. Individuals must be a Subud member for at least two years.
  5. 501c3 Organizations must be in business at least 1 year and have an active volunteer board of directors or support team.
  6. SICA sponsored projects created by board members to spread the name of SICA-USA and Subud to the general public.
  7. The feasibility of the applicant’s ability to complete the work described in their request with the resources and time available.
  8. Projects that have possibilities of reaching out to a broader, more diverse audience than Subud as it is currently represented in the USA will be favored.




Applications to SICA-USA’s Grant Program will be reviewed according to the three criteria listed below.  It is not necessary to answer each question within the three categories, but your proposal must address each of the three areas. In that respect, the review criteria may also serve as an outline for your proposal narrative. The following criteria will be used for evaluation of applications:


  1. Creative/Cultural Merit:
  • Does the proposed project demonstrate originality and creative excellence?
  • Does the proposed project inspire participants to explore their own talent and/or does it reflect the applicant’s inner talent?
  • Does the applicant have a history of providing programs and/or initiatives of high quality?
  • Does the applicant’s work contribute to the unique cultural landscape of his/her community or region?


  1. Administrative Capability:
  • Does the project adhere to and further the mission or goals of the organization?
  • Does the individual/organization demonstrate the business, production, and administrative skills needed to complete the proposed programming/project?
  • Does the individual/organization have a history of financial stability and sound financial practices?
  • Is the project budget appropriate, complete, and reasonable for the proposed project activities?
  • Does the project include an evaluation plan with appropriate use of tools to measure project effectiveness? (describe methods, include samples)
  • Does the individual/organization demonstrate inclusiveness and respect with regard to diverse populations on the board, staff, and in the development and presentation of programs/projects?


  1. Economic, Cultural, and Social Impact:
  • Does the proposed project meet identified social or cultural needs?
  • Does the project make a serious effort to reach a broad constituency and does it have measurable goals to assess that outreach? (include samples)
  • Is the proposed project accessible to all audiences, both physically and economically?
  • Does the programming provide a measurable economic contribution throughout the community?


Please use one page (and no more than three) to address items 1, 2 & 3 above in your narrative, including how SICA-USA will be credited with support of your proposed project, if funded. Also, add a basic budget as an Excel file or pdf.

This book (or whatever project) was made possible in part by a grant award from SICA-USA, the Subud International Cultural Association, USA branch., working at the intersection of creativity and spirituality.

SICA-USA Grant Application Narrative

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SICA-USA, the Subud International Cultural Association is the Cultural wing of SUBUD USA.

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