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by | Jun 16, 2020 | 1 comment

For those horrified by Facebook business practices, even by their troublesome business model: offer free services, collect user’s private information, then monetize that information by selling it to advertisers or other entities, there is an alternative for Subud members which we at SICA-USA HIGHLY RECOMMEND. The Subud Village Community.

At the intersection of culture, art, and spirituality – discovering our true talents and coming together to grow and serve humanity. SICA provides programs and services to individuals and organizations who are working to nurture human values through art, culture, and creativity. SICA provides information, training, networking, and support services as well as opportunities to engage and collaborate with cultural initiatives and events around the world.

This effort was started in Germany and Subud creatives are encouraged to join and redirect their energies away from horrible social media platforms to one that connects us as Subud members more deeply with each other. Consider joining today.

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The Subud Village Community



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  1. I’m active in a creative writing group (once in person now online) but would like to join other Subud writers whose topics are eclectic and range from non-fiction to sci fi/fantasy.


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