Subud Rocky Mountain Region Creatives (Heather Starsong by Lawrence Pevec)

by | Aug 3, 2020 | 5 comments

The second episode of Subud Rocky Mountain Region Creatives video series features Heather Starsong; Novelist. Heather has a long history in Boulder, Colorado. Arriving there in the early ‘70s Heather taught dance in many forms as a freelance instructor. Her love of the natural world and of physical movement combined to create the foundation for her forty-five-year career as a healer in alternative therapies including Structural Integration (Rolfing) and Rolf Movement, both practiced and taught.

Heather has written four novels, the last two explore concepts related to aging. She describes them this way:

“This book, Song of Eliria, is a companion to an earlier novel Never Again and in both of these stories the protagonist is given a miraculous gift which upends all the limitations of incarnate existence. And then, with that gift they have to deal with the actualities of incarnate existence and run into quite a few difficulties and in both cases, they’re given the choice of whether they’re going to keep the gift, with all of its difficulties and its blessings, or whether they’re going to give it back. And that’s the stories.”

Referring to Song of Eliria Heather says of her hero; Harriet;

“The message of this story and what Harriet learns through all of her ups and downs is that every act of healing, every act of simple kindness, makes a difference in the whole.”

I’m happy to introduce Heather to the SICA community and to anyone who hasn’t already read her compelling novels. They are the result of lifelong attention to life’s challenges and changes and offer an insightful glimpse into alternative possibilities.


  1. Heather speaks with such depth and sincerity, a truly lovely sister. The photography adds so much to the quality and beauty of this presentation. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, dear Eliria,
    Thank U for your special human voice, for your reading this touching text, for commenting wisely as well as being here around and sharing your feelings.

  3. Really good interview with a wonderful subject! Well done!

  4. Lawrence and Heather-this is wonderful-just what I need right now, as I am in another transition, leaving a deadly day job behind to focus on music and healing. Very well produced Lawrence-the only thing I would change is your intro/extro music. Love and healing, Lucas

  5. May God bless us all always
    All of you working in this series – many thanks.


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