SICA-USA Announces Project Grant Award

Mar 24, 2023 | 3 comments

Jim O’Halloran is a long-time Subud member living in Seattle, WA and opened in 1994, almost 30 years ago. His wife, Lucinda O’Halloran, also a Subud member, helped to design a significant portion of Bradner Gardens in Seattle: which became a key factor leading to the O’Hallorans purchasing a home close to Bradner, because they fell in love with the area!

Jim’s music project encompasses the recording of 4-5 newly composed jazz pieces, largely received during Latihan:
1. 7even: a composition in 7/4 for alto flute, electric bass, drum set, tablas, cimbalom, and classical guitar.
2. The Other Birthday Waltz: a tune in 3/4 and triplet 4/4 for C flute, trombone, violin, electric bass, electric guitar, Hammond organ, drum set, talking drum; with an Afro-rock feel.
3. The Zipper Song: a tune for alto flute, trombone, violin, electric bass, piano, and drum set; with a hip-hop groove.
4. Larry! A composition for flute, electric guitar, electric bass, drum set, and congas with a rock/funk and salsa feel.
5. New song written for the 2023 Earshot Composition Competition, as yet untitled.

The recording will take place at Studio X in Seattle in mid-August 2023, overseen by Reed Ruddy, with music mastering by Haroun Serang, and the participation of the following international artists: Victor Little on Bass; D’Vonne Lewis on Drums; Andy Coe on guitar; Wes Dyring on viola; Nathan Vetter on trombone; Anil Prasad on tablas; Thione Diop on Talking Drum; Edsson Otero on congas; Michael Nicolella on classical guitar; and Marina Albero on cimbalom.

Jim’s amazing band has been invited to highlight the 50 th Anniversary of Seattle’s P-Patch Community Garden Program at Bradner Gardens (designed by Lucinda O’Halloran, noted above), with a two-hour live performance that will include Subud poet Paul Nelson, backed by percussion, bass, flute, violin, and trombone. Jim has performed for Bradner Gardens since 2004, so the event slated for late August marks his 19 th year at this park! Bradner Gardens events have always been free and open to the public, and Jim anticipates a generous amount of donations from hat-passing during the event.

Once the digital recording is mastered, it will be available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, (Jim’s website), with a link posted on SICA-USA, Facebook. The sales price for the entire album will be $5.99, with individual tunes in the vicinity of $1.50 each.

Jim is also floating a Go-Fund-Me campaign on his website:

Or go directly to …

Please visit his site to help finance the additional $6000 recording studio fees plus musician stipends.



  1. Jim is well-deserving of this award. Good on ya Jim & SICA! The Bradner Garden concerts over the years have been wonderful and now that the garden is recovering from the horrible arson, it will be good to be in the garden for Jim’s music again.

  2. May Almighty always grant the Best of this world and of the next to you Jim and Lucinda, and look forward to listening to the pieces as soon as they are produced and offered. Wished I lived in Washington state and could be there for the concert as well.
    Several of our men members here have a large talent in music and I hope to keep them posted when this becomes available.

  3. 🎉🎶Congrats to all!!!


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