Elizabeth BlethenElizabeth Blethen,  writer and editor. Already published “The Vacation Wolf and Other Stories.” Wrote a number of comic pieces for presentation at Menucha with considerable success. Currently editing a book professionally  that will become an E-book and editing my mother’s stories of of life growing up on a homestead in the Pacific North West, working title “Stories My Mother Told Me.” which includes archival photographs of the period. The Washington State Historical Society has expressed an interest in publishing them as the homestead was near Centralia.

Current working on two anthropology based mysteries (my BA was in Honors Anthropology).

I’ve also worked as a marketing writer first at Macy’s and S.Klein on the Square in New York and then for Weidenfeld and Nicolson, publishers, in London, England.

My BA is from Western Washington University where I did an Honors Degree and helped transcribed learned witness for my honors professor concerning  for the Boldt Decision which affected tribal fishing rights in this area.

(Updated February 2014)