Why is this a good time to donate to SICA-USA?

Nov 30, 2021 | 0 comments

  • Excellent tax write-off for 2021
  • Support new events for 2022
  • Participate in Cultural Conversation weekend gathering at Subud Los Angeles in early 2022
  • Cultural Conversation gathering at national centers
  • Feature remarkable stories of Subud creatives in Saturday blog posts
  • Zoomuse Poems for Peace on a monthly basis
  • Ongoing grant opportunities to Subud Artists
  • Continued improvement of SICA-USA website & a weekly email with rich content

We continue to work towards our fundraising goals.  To date, SICA-USA is immensely grateful for raising $10,000 from supporting members, and we hope to build on that to reach $15,000 as we close on 2021 and greet a new year.  We hope you can be part of this effort.

Looking ahead, we anticipate potential grants for art galleries, writing projects, films, Memories of Bapak, collaborations with SICA-Canada, SICA International, and CoPlay.  Consider writing a proposal for your own creative spirit, and for a year-end contribution to SICA-USA.

The link to support SICA-USA:


Let us know if you agree to public acknowledgement of your support, and please forward this request to anyone who values the effort to sustain and expand the rich culture that has always been part of the Subud experience.

With gratitude from the Board of SICA-USA.








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