Meet New SICA-USA Board Member Lauren Woodward Stanley

by | Feb 19, 2021 | 2 comments

Lauren Woodward Stanley is a practicing architect, advocate of nature in cities, outdoor enthusiast, and dabbling artist.  She lives with her husband Lars, another architect and blacksmith, and two sons in Austin, Texas.  A native east coaster, she found herself in Texas for grad school, the Pacific Northwest for 9 years, and bouncing back to central Texas in 2005, where she continues to create the home base she shares with her family, a two-acre compound that includes their residence, studio, metal shop, and permaculture-based gardens.  While making buildings and spaces remains her career focus, she allows herself much divergence, following other pursuits like writing, playing music, yoga and long walks, and lots of civic engagement.  She is a proponent of sustainable living, thinking across disciplines, deep ecology, idea brainstorms, art that breathes, and planting trees.

She joined the SICA-USA Board on February 11, 2021. Watch her Zoomuse session below:


  1. Congrats and thank you for your service! Hope you are all ok in Texas!!

  2. Nice to meet you via the internet. Hope you and yours are warm and cozy with power and water.
    All best, Chellie


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