Poems for Peace in Ukraine

by | Mar 10, 2022 | 0 comments

SICA-USA is a proud co-producer of Zoomuse Poems for Peace.

The unfolding tragedy in Ukraine is the focus of this month’s SICA ZoomMuse Poems for Peace reading. We are inviting poets and lovers of poetry to read either a poem they have written as a response to the war in Ukraine or someone else’s poem that speaks to them about this awful event.
The special ZoomMuse Poems for Ukraine reading is Thursday, March 17. Anyone who feels to participate is asked to email Adelia MacWilliam at adelia.macwilliam@gmail.com by Sunday, March 13th.
If we have more people than we can accommodate, we’ll schedule a second Poems for Ukraine event at a later time.
More information on Poems for Peace is here: https://sica-usa.org/zoomuse-poems-for-peace/


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