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  • SICA – Creative Conversations Trailer
  • Osanna Phyllis Love
  • Brian Ferneyhough – Time and Motion Study II

Enjoy award-winning jewelry designer Irwan Holmes fascinating work with — and love for —  the unique gemstones of Indonesia. “Faceted stones sparkle,” explains Irwan, “but Great Cobocos tell a story.”  That’s why, he continues, they always call them “paintings by angels.”  Borneo Productions International produced the film.

Poems for Peace

SICA – Creative Conversations Trailer

Creative Coversations is designed to be an ongoing series of video interviews with Subud members who have discovered their own inner talents and are expressing those gifts in the world. The series is a means to explore individual creativity across all disciplines. We have just completed the pilot which features short video interiews Dirk Campbell, Adrienne Thomas, and Hemione Elliott. Lllian Simonssen and Lilliana Gibbs interviewed, filmed, and edited the pilot series. Click on trailer right for more information. It will also take you to our SICA Presents You Tube channel.