REPORT FROM THE CHAIR by Hamilton Cheifetz

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The SICA USA Board had a harmonious and productive meeting at Menucha on November 8, 2019. The meeting was attended by many of the board members: Paul Nelson, Rosetta Koach, Halimah Bellows, Ralph Davila and Hamilton Cheifetz. We heard a presentation from Fayra Teeters regarding her request for funds to support her Masque Alfredo Theater project, and we voted unanimously to support her request.

Hamilton Cheifetz, Chair, SICA-USA

We were also joined by Lawrence Pevec, and he discussed the Memories of Bapak video archive project. This project has already received support from SICA USA and SICA International, and it is preserving making available precious interviews with many Subud members. Lawrence Pevec has now joined the SICA USA board after testing with helpers, and we welcome him with open arms.

Sanderson Morgan also participated in the meeting as our guest, and he had very incisive and thought-provoking observations and ideas.

We also discussed our aim to produce cultural events that touch and reach the communities outside of Subud and the need to raise funds to support such events. We also hope to have representation from every Subud USA region on the board, which is now populated with seven dedicated brothers and sisters, all from the western U.S.

Paul Nelson and I helped to coordinate the entertainment evening at Menucha on November 9, and we performed along with Morris McLellan, Leanna McLellan, Christoper Kern, David Lynch, Maryka Ford, Albert Palmeter, Michael Koach, Elisha Gullixson and Luther Schutz. Lawrence Pevec captured the whole program on video, and we hope to post it at some point. It was a memorable evening of music and poetry.



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