Evan Padilla Has Died

by | Aug 14, 2022 | 9 comments

After a freak accident at his Kirkland, Washington home on August 1, 2022, Evan Padilla passed away at 8:30pm Saturday, August 13 at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington, due to a traumatic brain injury suffered in the fall. He is survived by his wife Annie, eleven children and five grandchildren. Evan is a longtime Subud member who has held many Subud positions, most recently Chair of Susila Dharma International, Chair (twice) of Subud USA and Subud Greater Seattle. A memorial service is planned for 5pm, Saturday, October 8 at the Seattle Subud House, 1101 15th. A more detailed obituary is forthcoming. Our sympathies go to Annie and the family. A special Latihan for Evan will take place this morning (Sunday, August 14) in Seattle, after regular Latihan at approximately 11:45am PDT.



  1. Feeling a bit sad about Evan’s passing, although I didn’t know him well. Warmest thoughts and feelings of support to my American brothers and sisters and to Evan’s wife and family.

  2. Sorry to hear about Evan’s death; however untimely it may seem. He’ll be well rewarded, and I trust Grace will hold his large family in its wings to help through this time. Blessings to him on his onward journey. I always liked him, and his welcome smile.

  3. I didn’t know Evan well either. I did have several interactions with him however; both were related to business. I admired his business acumen and asked for his advice on two occasions. The first was in the mid-’90s. I had taken the bait offered by an over hyped opportunity; a misguided investment that I hadn’t thoroughly thought through. Evan walked me through the process of establishing the business and where the weak links were. Due to his practical and instinctual analysis of that business I pulled out in time to limit my losses.
    The other was when I was exploring buying and selling real estate commonly known as “house flipping”. As a home services professional I thought I could do well by doing the upgrade work myself. Evan had been somewhat successful in that industry. He was candid in pointing out the challenges and pitfalls and the potential for a bad experience like one he had gone through. In certain types of markets “flipping houses” can be very lucrative and in others disastrous. You had to have a firm grip on the type of housing market that prevailed and what direction it was going in. I appreciated Evan’s ability to cut through the fluff and hype that is part of our housing industry and how precarious is the position of the small investor. I will miss Evan, and pray for his well being in the next life.

  4. What a shock it has been to get the news about Evan’s completely unexpected death. I had the absolute pleasure of working closely with him on the SD USA Board for 3 years. I came to know him as one of the most dedicated and “big-hearted” people I have ever known. There seemed to be no end to the work he was willing to take on for SD and Subud, as well as the devotion he had to Annie and his family. What a loss! I will miss him so very much. Best wishes on your journey Evan.

  5. I send my heartfelt condolences to Annie & Evan’s big family. We recently welcomed Evan & Annie at our Western Canadian Regional Gathering, we had interesting & enlightening discussions, and even touched on end-of-life issues. At the end of Evan’s life, I hope his travels in the mysterious afterlife are blessed. God bless his family & dear, Annie.

  6. I have known Evan for decades, back to the time when he was still in Michigan and I was, if I remember correctly, Midwest Regional Chair. We were last together in Seattle and Bellevue, for latihan and dinner, with Annie and Pilar Walsh. This was in mid-December 2021. We were most recently “together,” however, on a Zoom call to Amanacer, not a month ago, in which Cedar and I were presenting a Right Use of Power mini-workshop to SDIA representatives there for a conference. I regret losing this long-time Subud brother, but God’s ways are not ours, and I feel certain he is in great shape now. My one request is that his memorial service in October be hybrid on Zoom so that those of us around the world who knew and loved Evan can participate remotely. Oh, and Evan, thank you for being my good brother in Subud. May you rest in peace. Amen. Reynold Ruslan

  7. Yes Evan held many significant positions including chair for World Congress in Spokane, Washington 1997 and I send my thoughts and prayers and love to Annie and the Padilla family and friends…
    God bless, Salamah O’Brien, Seattle

  8. I knew Evan since the early 1980s in Los Angeles. But I got to know him much better this last year here in Seattle. Because of a car accident I no longer drive my own car and have been dependent on others to get to latihan in the Subud house. When members here began to return to group latihan towards the end of the pandemic, a Tuesday morning latihan was established. Evan asked me first how my vaccinations were going. When I was fully vaccinated, he asked if I would be coming to the Tuesday morning latihans. He offered to take me even though that meant a much longer drive for him. I was thankful for that but did not expect him to take me every week, given that he was a man with many other responsibilities. But Evan evidently meant every week and for more than a year we came together to Tuesday latihan, usually also with Even’s son Stacey. I tried to hint a few times that he did not always have to pick me up, that I am able to have latihans at home which I did during the worst of the pandemic. But Evan would hear nothing of it, as if he considered getting me with him to the latihan was an absolute necessity. And we had many interesting conversations during these trips.
    With his sudden departure from this world, even though it was a “freak” accident, I cannot help feeling that some part of Evan must have known that his time was limited and that each and every latihan was important.
    So, I feel happy for Evan and wish him well in the next world. And I offer my condolences to Annie and the family, for whom this must be a great loss.

  9. Knew and latihaned with Evan since the early days in Detroit, where he was even then so responsible – a light for this young foolish subud member finding his feet. See you in blink dear brother, InshAllah. Best to you Annie and family
    Ps remembering you Raynor as a two year old in your home.
    David m


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