SICA Board Retreat

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Rosetta Koach (Treasurer), Hamilton Cheifetz (Chair) & Halimah Bellows (Vice-Chair)

On Friday, June 7, the SICA-USA Board gathered in Portland at the Subud House and facilitated a retreat. All four current board members participated and focused on this agenda:

Treasurer’s report
Report for the Gathering in Albuquerque
Plans for entertainment and workshops at the Gathering
Testing our roles and the direction for SICA USA
Latihans were reported to be strong and men went first, given that part of the Subud House was being used by a rental (a singing group). Th women followed.
The visioning exercise was run adeptly by Halimah Bellows and allowed the board to have an experience of the imagination, which was powerful. Is SICA-USA more like a dragon, a giraffe, a hummingbird, or a lion. It depends which board member you ask. That imaginations were active suggests this group is well-suited to the task of leading a cultural group and the harmony evident throughout the day is undoubtedly a reflection of the Chair, Hamilton Cheifetz, his long engagement with the arts, with the Latihan and with some learning via challenges.
Paul E Nelson (Secretary), Rosetta Koach (Treasurer) and Hamilton Cheifetz (Chair) (Vice-Chair)

Paul E Nelson (Secretary), Rosetta Koach (Treasurer) and Hamilton Cheifetz (Chair)

Lunch was a New Seasons takeout and by then, the singing was over and the house vacant save the SICA retreat and, gathered around the comfortable Subud House living room, a long discussion about the website and communications ensued. That the site has had current content weekly for over four months was credited to the SICA-USA Secretary and your humble narrator, Paul Nelson, but he was quick to deputize the other board members as administrators of the site, so look for other voices chiming in soon.

Plans for the SICA-USA presentation at the National Gathering in Albuquerque were made, after spirited dialog, and you can expect something different that the typical report we have come to know and… uh… love, at such gatherings. Look for us Saturday, July 6, from 4-5pm in Pavilions 1 & 2.
Paul, Halimah, Hamilton

Paul, Halimah, Hamilton

Paul, Halimah, Rosetta

What are fundraising plans? What is the vision going forward? What project will SICA-USA be supporting in the coming year? All to be revealed in due course and a goal that we have board representation from every Subud region was established at the retreat, so don’t think we plan to run everything with only the views of the upper left-hand corner of the U.S.A.
See you in New Mexico.


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