Creativity in Captivity on 60 Minutes

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Latifah Taormina reported on Facebook:

“Creativity in Captivity” was part of the cultural program SICA produced for the Puebla Congress. Performed at the Teatro Principal, directed and conducted by Honora and Dahlan Foah, “Creativity in Captivity” featured the incredible music created in Concentration Camps during WWII, work that was discovered and restored by Francisco Lotoro. —6 years after Puebla [on] CBS’ 60 MINUTES…  TV program… FEATURED LOTORO’S WORK! Bravo Foahs! Bravo SICA and the many sponsors who made our productions possible. Here’s the 60 Minutes’ piece:

Prisoners in Nazi concentration camps made music; now it’s being discovered and performed

More than 6 million people, most of them Jews, died in the Holocaust. The music they wrote as a temporary escape, however, did not, thanks in part to the efforts of an Italian composer and pianist.


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